Information you Might not Know about Laser Hair Removal

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If you are looking for information about laser hair removal, then you are looking for information about a cosmetic procedure, but you are definitely not alone. In 2012, Americans alone spent nearly $11 billion on procedures to change their appearance in some way, and that is the definition of a cosmetic procedure. From laser hair removals to teeth whitenings, anything that will change your appearance in a cosmetic way that you find favorable is a cosmetic procedure.

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures is laser hair removal because of it’s efficacy and speed. It effectively stops hair growth by damaging the follicle with tiny lasers, and after repeated exposures, hair does not grow back in those follicles that were treated. It’s most effective for people that have light skin and darker hair, because darker surfaces absorb more light, and lighter surfaces reflect it. So, the dark hair takes in the treatment better, while the light skin reflects it to prevent damage. Lower level hair removal lasers can be used on clients with dark hair and light skin than others.

However, one thing to note about laser hair removal is that it doesn’t guarantee that the hair will never grow back, only that it will slow hair growth. Of course, laser hair reduction is still desirable because it means less time spent using traditional methods such as shaving or waxing. Going through a SPTL process, which is the primary principal involved in hair removal once a month, is much more efficient than shaving every day.

It is also good to note that many different areas can be treated with lasers, not just large areas like the legs and underarms. There are lasers that are so delicate they can perform eyebrow laser hair removal just as easily as removing the coarse hairs that grow on your legs and back!

So really, because it is so versatile and simple, laser hair removal is a great way to go if you are looking to staunch the growth of hair in unwanted areas. More on this.

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