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Right now, about 64 percent of Americans wear glasses. However, eyeglasses have been around for a long, long time. They are not a modern invention. The first mention of eyeglass in a text took place in 1262, and eyeglasses are thought to have been invented in Italy. Early glasses were dependent upon ribbons of silk to hold them in place. However, this changed in 1730 when a London optician named Edward Scarlett perfected rigid sidepieces for eyeglasses that rest atop the ears.

Currently, people want to wear glasses that are both stylish and functional. Luckily, the average optometrist sells eyeglasses that allow you to look good while also providing you the ability to look at the world around you! There are fashionable eyeglasses with progressive lenses made my a number of companies including Versace, Shamir, Prada, Dolce and gabbana, and Zeiss. The new line of eyeglasses by Shamir are particularly hip. Shamir has always been a leader in fashion forward glasses, especially for people suffering with Presbyopia, a condition leading to difficulty reading and seeing at arms length. Presbyopia is a result of age related changes inside the eye. However, having such a condition should not prevent someone from having fabulous eye wear choices, a fact that Shamir is well aware of!

If you want to get fitted for Shamir eyeglasses, you should make an appointment with an optometrist who is trained to not only prescribe and fit lenses, but to diagnose and treat eye diseases. An optometrist can make sure that you get the right lenses to fit the beautiful Shamir frames you pick out. That way, you will look great while seeing well! Find more on this here.

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