Most businesses attempt to balance their own safety responsibilities with expectations that employees will look out for themselves. But business owners have many incentives to prioritize safety in the workplace. “Naturally you expect your employees (and yourself) to follow good safety practices in the workplace. That’s a given,” John...

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Anonymous crowd of people walking on city street

As President Barack Obama prepares to square off against the Republican-led congress on immigration reform, a high-profile immigration case is making headlines in Detroit. Rasmieh Yousef Odeh, 67, was found guilty of immigration fraud earlier this month for concealing her Israeli military court-ordered imprisonment in 1969 from immigration officials. She...

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business people in a meeting at office

In an effort to improve the state’s overall economy, many established Michigan companies are offering pro-bono services to startups and small businesses to help them stabilize. “I love how much sense it makes,” said Antoine Dubeauclard, president of company Media Genesis. “We are getting Michigan companies to work with...

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