Detroit Nonprofit Still Needs Meal Delivery Van After Thief Crashed It

A Detroit charity known for serving meals to the homeless has had its van stolen — and it’s been damaged beyond repair. Around 2:40 a.m. on Tuesday, July 21, a thief broke onto the

Detroit Named One Of The “Hottest” Real Estate Markets In The Country

The Detroit housing market isn’t just showing signs of life, it’s turning into a veritable Gold Rush for investors looking to flip homes. The Detroit Land Bank has been selling off

Historic Detroit Mansion Getting HGTV Treatment

Quicken Loans is partnering with HGTV’s Nicole Curtis (of the show Rehab Addict) and the Brush Park Development Company to restore the historic Ransom Gillis mansion in Detroit, the mortgage

Aging Detroit Citizens Stuck in Crumbling Homes, Targeted By Con Men

As baby boomers grow older, the number of Americans over the age of 65 increases every year, making millions of U.S. citizens highly vulnerable to elder abuse. However, older Americans at the

Ford, GM Experiment With Uber-Like Mobile Apps

In Detroit and around the world, automakers are struggling to maintain sales in the face of new competition from mobile services like Lyft and Uber. These ride-sharing startups have spread

Water Pressure: City of Flint to Install New Carbon Water Filter

Within the next few weeks, the city of Flint, MI plans to install a new $1.6 million carbon water filtration system into its water system, a move that officials say could cut an entire class of

Husband and Wife Duo Work to Restore Detroit’s Properties

Generating an estimated $47 billion in revenue annually, it’s safe to say the home remodeling industry in the United States has made a strong post-Recession comeback, even in Detroit. After

Dental Patient Pinned Against Wall After Car Crashes Into Office in City Outside of Detroit

With over 20% of adults between the ages of 20 and 64 suffering from untreated tooth decay, attending regular dental checkups is an important part of keeping up good dental hygiene. For one Novi,

Info of 10,000 Employees Compromised Though the Michigan Catholic Conference Security Breach

Security breaches: they’re affecting nearly every single business, government organization, and individual person in the U.S. today. And the...

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