After taking a major hit during the Great Recession, Detroit has finally begun to bounce back in a big way recently. Or, at least, half of Detroit has. In downtown Detroit, strong auto sales and a growing economy have led to new startups, office buildings, luxury stores, and other...

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Credit cards close up

Credit card fraud using ATM scanners isn’t a new innovation, but it is a type of information theft that’s on the rise, and even professionals are victims. Steve Manzuik, director of security research at Duo Security, said he’s familiar enough with ATM skimmers — devices that mimic an ATM’s...

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Neglecting vehicles costs the United States economy over two billion dollars annually. And now Google is trying to prevent that by bringing lower maintenance, self-driving cars back to the birthplace of the auto industry: Detroit. John Krafcik, CEO of Google’s Self-Driving Car Project, announced on the social media site...

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