The Log Cabin is the American Dream Made Real

Rustic outdoor decor

The log cabin is an American institution deeply embedded within national mythology. Seven different presidents were born in log cabins, the most famous of whom was Lincoln, the standard bearer of United States mythos. Lincoln Logs, inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 1999, have taught generations of children the national values associated with log cabins. Values such as independence, grit, hard work, and sturdiness.

If you are planning on building your own log cabin, it is worth mentioning that there are building plans available online and elsewhere that can help you come up with ideas. Also, every log cabin deserves rustic pine log furniture to compliment its architecture. There is a wide variety of rustic decor and accessories available for purchase from a number of different shops, dealers, and woodworking professionals who create rustic pine log furniture. These items include barn wood bedroom furniture, a cedar log bed, outdoor patio decor, and real wood office furniture.

Originally, rustic pine log furniture was created from whatever natural materials happened to be in greatest supply. As well, rustic pine furniture was often built by impoverished people as a means of trading for food and money. These days, manufacturers of rustic pine log furniture also create architectural detail work like bridges, chandeliers, porches, banisters, stairs, and complete works of rustic architecture. See this reference for more.

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