Cute little child brushing teeth, isolated on white

Teaching kids to care for their teeth is not always the most joyful task. But thanks to a new interactive exhibit at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, it finally can be. Michigan Live¬†reports that the exhibit, called “Chew On This!”, is funded by the Delta Dental Foundation. Their $25,000...

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The auto industry is experiencing some trouble after its fourth straight month of decline. This has many automakers looking for potential solutions to their declining sales. Yet this decline continues on despite hefty consumer discounts, low interest rates, and looser loan terms than ever before. With 43% of car...

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Mechanic man holding clipboard and check the car

More than 50% of the United States’ products require some form of welding. Of those, the most well known would be from the auto industry, with cars requiring assembly by welding more often than not. But the U.S. auto industry is staring at a rocky future, according to some...

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