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Detroit Residents and Inmates Dealing With Mold Issues

Detroit residents have struggled with many issues over the last few years, everything from unfair legislation to financial troubles, but another problem is rearing its head throughout the community.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 100% of all types of mold have the potential to cause some severe health effects. These health issues can be quite minor, but they can also result in fatalities in some instances. Now, mold has become a serious issue throughout Detroit’s homes and other structures.

Recently, just three months after moving into a home with their newborn baby, Matt and Alyssa Blaies discovered a destructive amount of mold inside their new residence. The city’s inspectors took a look at the home and still allowed the move to happen. The Blaies had even hired their own private inspector to take a look, but they say the inspector didn’t because… he was afraid of spiders.

Despite the private inspectors lack of inspecting, he still charged the family $300 and passed the home for inspection.

A few months later, the couple noticed the bedroom floor sinking and a strange odor coming from the home’s crawl spaces. Matt went to look for himself and noticed more mold than he could have ever imagined.

The couple is nervous about the health concerns if the the mold goes untreated, but getting rid of the mold and fixing all the damage will cost roughly $40,000.

The City of Westland is looking into financial aids that could potentially help this young family.

Additionally, Detroit Metro Times reports that Michigan’s prison system is suffering from mold issues at the hands of its food supplier.

Prison officials and inmates have found maggots, dirt, and mold in their food over the last few months.

Trinity, the Florida-based private food vendor that the Michigan Department of Corrections works with, has been under investigation for serving poor quality food to Ohio and Michigan’s prisons since February 2016.

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