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Make the right choice with American Real Estate Partners

American Real Estate Partners is a private real estate investment company that is has headquarters in both New York City and Herndon, Virginia. The main goal of American Real Estate Partners is to help their clients by identifying the best possible opportunity, keep risk to an absolutely minimum and increase value. Dealing with high class commercial real estate, American Real Estate Partners have worked properties along many major markets along the eastern seaboard.

American Real Estate Partners was founded by company President and COO Brian Katz, and by CEO and Douglas Fleit. Aside from their combined years of personal experience, they have assembled a team of highly respected individuals that together add up to a combined one hundred and twenty five years of experience.

Since first forming as a company, American Real Estate Partners have managed and worked with billions of dollars worth of high end commercial real estate. The companies reach covers major metropolitan areas including New York, Washington D.C., Raleigh Durham, and Philadelphia. The company helps to manage more than just the buying and selling of commercial real estate. Other things under management include leasing, acquisition, construction, brokerage, and of course, risk management. This detailed hands on approach makes it much easier to identify and rectify any potential problems early on in the process.

The best companies in the field will always be able to maintain a strong and open relationship with their partners and clients. American real estate partners can provide a constant line of communication that will make sure that everyone is kept in the loop on all major decisions.

In order to maximize the value of an investment, it is always important to go with the best company suited to help make the tough decisions. American Real Estate Partners can help make sure that every opportunity is given the best chance possible to become successful and increase in value.

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