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Types Of Restaurant Lowestoft

Restaurant lowestoft

Lowesoft’s economy relies upon the fishing industry and its old, seaside resorts to help it survive. Anyone who visits a restaurant Lowestoft will find that it’s well stocked with seafood. Of course, for anyone who loves to eat seafood, this is great news. For those who don’t, you should know that there are some other types of restaurants available to choose from.

One restaurant Lowestoft you may want to check out is the Martello Coffee House. They offer generous sized portions of high quality cafe food at a reasonable price. This restaurant Lowestoft is located on Whapload Road, right off of the A12, which is also known as the Ravine. It is near the Sparrows Nest Gardens, a free car park and a bar that you’ll enjoy throughout the summer when the cafe is closed. You will also find a huge park with plenty of grass and the Royal Naval Patrol Service museum here for you to enjoy after eating at this restaurant Lowestoft. Other attractions near this restaurant Lowestoft that you may enjoy include Ness Point, an old WW2 magnetic mine, an outdoor bowling green and the Maritime Museum.

Whenever you drive four miles north into St. Olaves you’ll find the Priory restaurant Lowestoft on Somerleyton Road. Here you’ll also find big portions of great homemade food. Most of the main dishes at this restaurant Lowestoft are based upon vegetables. The setting for this restaurant Lowestoft is a refurbished barn with llamas and other animals on show around the property, as is the remains of the old property itself.

Another option for a restaurant Lowestoft is right in the downtown area of Lowestoft itself. Here you’ll find a cafe in the Godfreys’ department store. This restaurant Lowestoft has a good reputation for serving reasonable food. Of course, it isn’t very different from other cafes in that it mainly attracts patrons who are after coffee and dessert. However, you’ll find that this restaurant Lowestoft does fine whenever it comes to lunches too.

These are just a few of the main restaurant Lowestoft that should grab your attention. There are other restaurants and cafes in The Triangle, which is located across the A12, just north of the main shopping area. If you choose to check ouyt a restaurant Lowestoft in this area, you’ll also want to check out the various displays and exhibitions that are also there.
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