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Get Your Food Safety Facts Figured Out and Displayed

Kitchen sanitation checklist

It is necessary for any professional kitchen to have a well displayed posting of food safety facts somewhere in the kitchen. After all, you need to be at your very best for your diners, ensuring their safety and the safety of the foods they eat. And you must adhere to strict regulations set forth by the state’s licensing board for food safety. So why not display this information for everyone in your kitchen to read whenever the mood strikes them?

By displaying food safety facts prominently and in a well-lit area of the kitchen, you are taking proactive measures to ensure your team knows what makes food safe and … more importantly … what does not constitute safe food handling practices. Everyone who has completed culinary studies has been informed of such procedures, but after time some of this information slips away as more knowledge is focused on creating great-tasting dishes. You can bring back what was learned years ago and make it fresh again by publishing food safety facts in your kitchen.

Food safety facts ideally will be displayed using larger fonts and ones that are simple for anyone to read. The wording need not be fancy, and the explanations must be succinct rather than wordy. No one will stand there and take 20 minutes out to read food safety facts. They want short shots of information and useful tips for them to remember as they work each day.

Luckily, federal and state food safety boards and other resources publish food safety facts online. You just print out the facts that pertain to your kitchen or pull from the range of lists you find and create your own list internally. You can spice it up with nice graphics and cool colors to draw attention. You know your kitchen best, so you probably will know whatever makes people want to read the facts and adhere to them.?
Little-known facts and no brainers should go right next to each other here. This way, your kitchen’s staff will quickly gather that all food safety facts posted should not be ignored. They all are relevant, and all are grouped together to form the common overall goal of ensuring safety in the kitchen. This includes both safety procedures to keep your staff safe and free from illness, and safety measures to ensure food is handled properly and that ill-handled food does not reach your paying customers.

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