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MDM Software and You

Device management

When it comes to MDM, or mobile device management, programs and services it should be noted that not all MDM programs are necessarily alike in their abilities or cost, so it does pay to do your homework prior to setting up any MDM program on your network. First of all, determine the make, model, and operating systems of each and every device that will be linked into your mobile network. Your MDM software needs to be fully compatible with all of these specs in order for things to work properly, since conflicting software can and does cause massive and incurable system problems with any device.

From there, search the web for MDM software reviews for a device of the type your company will be using. Once you have done so, go ahead and search the web for MDM software reviews that are compatible with these devices, and pay especially close attention to the reviews that appear to have been penned by others in a situation similar to your own. Compile a list of MDM software that passes this first round, and then look for other factors.

For instance, your MDM software of choice should include the ability to remotely monitor the activity of each device on the system, and should also be able to wipe the hard drive and disable the device upon a report of an item being lost or stolen surfaces. From there, make sure that your MDM software offers automatic patch management, so as not to leave your network vulnerable due to human error. Choose the best and most comprehensive such MDM software for your network, and you should be all set. Write your own review to let others know how the program works for you, and all should be well in the end! More on this.

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