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Nose Job Reno

Photofacial reno

Having plastic surgery done on the nose is called rhinoplasty. You can also refer to it as having a nose job. People in Reno will go in for a nose job Reno because they don’t like the look of their nose. People who are involved in car accidents or who suffer facial damage for other reasons and need to have their nose fixed can go in for a nose job Reno. A nose job Reno is where they do a reconstruction of the nose for either reason. There are two ways to get a nose job Reno. Once can be done by surgery. The other is done by injecting various medications which can lengthen or expand the nose. The extent of the work you want done to the nose, will determine which method the plastic surgeon uses.

People who go in for a nose job Reno are generally very happy with the results. However, sometime the results are less than desirable so the patient will want to have a bad nose job fixed. It is very important to choose a plastic surgeon that has lots of experience with doing rhinoplasty. If you are considering a nose job Reno, make sure you inquire as to their experience and accreditation for being a plastic surgeon and that they have the proper medical license to be able to practice plastic surgery in the State of Nevada.

A good nose job Reno can reshape or restore the nasal framework. Plastic surgeons can show you before and after pictures of the rhinoplasty procedures they have done on other patients that were successful in improving facial harmony. Sometimes the person’s nose is way too big. Other times the nose is oddly shaped, too small or noticeably crooked. You would want to have a nose job Reno to fix such problems. Sometimes a nose job Reno is done in order to fix breathing problems. With the surgical method for a nose job Reno, the plastic surgeon can either do an open or closed approach.

Your plastic surgeon can best explain the procedure they think will work best with your particular nose job Reno. The average nose job takes about 1 and half to 3 hours to perform. They usually do these kinds of surgeries in an outpatient setting. People can go home a few hours later and go back to work in as little as 10 days.
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