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Picking The Right Intrusion Detection System For Network Security

Vulnerability management

Spyware is a kind of malware that collects information on computers without them knowing about it. In fiscal year 2011, the United States government put $13 billion towards protecting information technology. With an appropriate enterprise firewall your organization can have an intrusion prevention system that helps you improve your network security platform. An intrusion detection system is a vital part of next gen network security that can help you protect your company from all kinds of digital threats.

Dangers to computer servers are everywhere today. In October 2011 a hacker gained access to files in South Carolina’s Department of Revenue, which gave them access to roughly 3.6 million tax returns. While companies are striving to make adjustments to secure data stored on networks, more than 50 percent of businesses still do not fully realize the implications of a breach in their security. A next generation network can help you make sure that you never fall victim to a security breach of any kind.

An intrusion detection system can prevent your company from having to pay for security breaches before they occur. UK businesses have seen a 68 percent rise in the cost of data breaches in the past five years. Make sure you find the appropriate intrusion detection system to give your business peace of mind about its security. A safe network is one that will never be vulnerable to threats that come from hackers who want to exploit security breaches to steal valuable business information from your computers.
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