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The $48 Billion E Learning Industry and Getting an Engineering Degree Online

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Students who have some kind of chronic illness or a debilitating disability can benefit by getting an engineering degree online. Online learning is perfect for people who find it difficult to attend classes on a traditional campus. There are plenty of opportunities today to get an engineering degree online. A whopping increase of 150 percent in students taking classes on a distance learning level was seen between 1998 and 2008. Online course enrollment hit an all time high when 6.1 million students registered for classes on the internet in 2010. Students earning their engineering degree online were included. Students can also get an art degree online or computer science degrees online. Students are also going for humanities degree online as well as their nursing degree online or online business degrees, etc.

Online learning plays a huge role in today’s college long term strategies. In fact, as much as 65 percent of 2,500 college administrators that were surveyed said that online learning is an essential part of their long term strategies. in other words, these college administrators are makings sure that students can get an engineering degree online when enrolling in their colleges. The engineering degree online is part of the world wide e learning industry that is now estimated to be worth $48 billion.

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