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The Increasing Availability of Digital Mammograms in Suffolk

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Digital mammograms have replaced earlier versions of mammograms since they are far more effective at detecting cancerous spots, lumps and anything else inside a woman’s breasts that should not be there. Pretty much any medical doctor in Suffolk or any medical doctor in chesapeake will advise this form of mammography to patients because of its effectiveness and because it is the future of digital mammography.

Responding to this trend, more opportunities for digital mammograms in Suffolk and digital mammograms in Chesapeake are available for these patients. The typical OBGYN in Chesapeake and OBGYN in Suffolk will send out patients for these digital mammograms in Suffolk and Chesapeake, since many female patients 40 and older are advised to have mammograms once a year. Female patients are generally pleased with these technologies because they tend to be less invasive than other more dated forms of mammography.

Because insurance covers digital mammograms in Suffolk, female patients can have their breasts checked out annually through a very effective means. They no longer have to put their breasts in uncomfortable positions to allow X ray technicians to get great views and view their entire breasts from the inside. With digital mammography, scans are easier to make and simpler to read, leaving nothing to chance and nothing out of the picture, literally. Women do not wish to take chances with such high rates of breast cancer in this country, so they opt to have digital mammograms to know the results quickly and definitively.

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