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A Moving Checklist That Will Keep You Organized

My moving checklist

As if moving was not stressful enough, trying to keep the endless amounts of little details straight can be not only frustrating, but daunting. Putting together a check list for moving is your best bet for staying organized, and can be the difference between a smooth or difficult move.

Separating your check list for moving broken into months prior will help you to not feel too overwhelmed, and make sure your moving checklist is thorough. Eight weeks prior, start sifting through moving companies and begin getting estimates. Also begin to research your new community. Schools, jobs, shopping centers. Whatever you are interested in. Begin to familiarize yourself with the area and what it has to offer before you get there.

Next on your moving checklist, about 7 weeks prior, begin gathering copies of financial and legal records, ask your doctor for referrals in your new city, and contact any clubs, such as gyms, and begin to transfer memberships.

Six weeks prior, and at the top of your checklist for moving, begin the dreaded process of purging your home. Sort through belongings that you want to take, and things that you no longer need, and separate them in to keep, donate, discard piles. 5 weeks before, start to order boxes, and packing items you do not use often, like winter clothes during the summer. Label each box clearly, and which room the box should be going in. This helps you to get organized for the unpacking process.

At this point your moving out check list has gotten pretty long, but it helps you to stay organized. 4 weeks prior to your move, alert your utilities companies of your move. Gas, water, electric, garbage, land line, cell phone, and your cable and internet provider.

On your check list for moving 2 weeks prior, be sure to alert professional services such as dentists, doctors, schools, attorneys, and financial planners of your move. Also alert newspapers, banks, magazine subscriptions, etc.
Finally on your check list for moving, is the day of. Be familiar with our packing and loading tips and personally supervise hired labor, place carpet, floor and door frame protectors throughout your home,checking every room and closet one last time to make sure nothing is left behind.

It is a ton to remember, but creating a moving list or check list for moving is the best option to keep you organized.

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