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Wyoming Real Estate

Jackson hole real estate for sale

Wyoming offers quite a large number of advantages to doing business, purchasing real estate, and living in the Jackson Hole area. First of which is the variety of natural species in the area, with more than 160 distinct species native to the Yellowstone area. Secondly, while Jackson Hole is a valley that includes much open land and natural landscape, it also includes the town of Jackson, populated by almost ten thousand people, as well as other towns like Moose and Moran. Thirdly, Jackson Hold also offers the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for skiing in the Rocky Mountains. Not only this, but Wyoming has no corporate or personal income tax and is widely considered to be one of the best states to do business in. The Wyoming Taxpayers’ Association states that Wyoming has the second lowest tax burden in the state. These benefits are especially magnified when purchasing real estate in the state.

Jackson hole property for sale include Moose WY real estate, Moran WY real estate, Jackson WY real estate, and Kelly Wyoming real estate. There is land being sold for Jackson Hole commercial real estate, luxury homes, and ranches. Moose WY real estate is located within the Grand Teton National Park land, and it is almost exclusively inhabited by employees of the National Park Service. The term “Moose WY real estate” can refer to land for sale east of the Snake River, between the Jackson Hole Airport and Shadow Mountain. Most of this real estate, as it is located within a national park, is the result of inholding. This is, quite simply, the private ownership of the land before the area was deemed to be protected wilderness.

While Moose WY real estate is difficult to come by, as you cannot purchase or build on the protected lands, Jackson hole realtors can help you find the home of your dreams or the perfect land for your business in the towns of the surrounding area, such as Moran, Kelly, or Jackson itself, where you can enjoy the same tax benefits and natural milieu as you would in Moose, WY. More info like this.

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