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Going through a military DITY move?

Dity move calculator air force

Research has shown that a military family moves about once every 3 years, on average. Since moving is just as stressful for military members as it is for anyone else, it is important that you plan thoroughly and wisely. You might not be aware of it, but, as a military member, the military family center at your duty relocation offers a Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) that can provide you with moving information that military families like your own might need. Military DITY moves (do it yourself moves), which are sometimes referred to as personally procured moves, are not usually recommended for overseas relocation. However, for domestic military DITY move situations, service members can receive reimbursement up to 100 percent of the Government Constructive Cost (otherwise referred to as “GCC”) if they hire their own movers. They can also receive an incentive payment of 95 percent of the GCC if they choose to move their property on their own.

Check out a military DITY move calculator, available for free to use on the world wide web, to get more specific figures that you will be working with. A military move can be a tough thing to undertake, especially if you are moving with younger children, so make sure that you get all the assistance that is available to you. By using the resources that the government provides for military members like yourself, military moving can be a less stressful undertaking. Military members know full well that they have a lot on their plates to take care of, so, while you are undergoing a military DITY move, use the programs that the government has put in place to support you, and help you have a smoother, easier experience while you are getting from point A to point B. Research more here:

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