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The Aging Population in Florida Keeps Attorneys on their Toes

Social security benefits

As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, large numbers of the American population are now concerned with issues related to social security, social security disability, and veterans benefits. Consequently, the role of the veterans lawyers, social security attorneys, and social security disability attorneys has never been more important.

The state of Florida is home to a large percentage of senior citizens, with 19 percent of the population expected to surpass the age of 65 by 2015. With advancing age, comes the need for medical care, which most citizens cannot afford to pay out of pocket. Therefore, those who are eligible are turning to social security, social security disability, and veterans benefits to help the meet their health care needs.

To put the American aging issue into perspective, aged persons are hospitalized three times more often than younger citizens; and the yearly average cost paid out of pocket by senior citizens is 4605 dollars. Further, the AARP states that 5.6 million Florida residents received 51.3 billion dollars in Social Security benefits during 2011.

However, the need a social security disability lawyer is perhaps best reflected by the fact that 300,000 Florida residents live at or below the poverty line. Not only is there a growing need for social security lawyers, but aging veterans of the Vietnam War who are seeking veteran benefits often need to turn to a Veterans lawyer. A Veterans lawyer will help former military personal learn of, and hopefully, receive any and all benefits for which a veteran is eligible.

Given the high cost of health care and the state of the American economy, in general, it is plausible that Americans who, previously, may never have sought out social security disability benefits have no choice but to do just that. It seems that a stabilization of health care costs is not something that will occur in the foreseeable future; and with the continued aging of the American population, the role of the veterans lawyer, social security lawyer, and social security disability lawyer will grown in direct correlation.

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