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Before Getting Portable Scanners, You Should Read The Three Facts Below

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The Wall Street Journal discovered that a typical American employee will lose approximately ninety minutes each work day on average over the course of a year in failed productivity such as looking for lost items misplaced on messy desks, but with portable scanners, this would all be eliminated from your company because everything will wind up in a digital filing system. In fact, an average business with roughly a thousand employees can waste between six and twelve million dollars each and every year searching for information that does not even exist or failing to find information that once did exist and these problems will also be eliminated by introducing portable scanners to each employee. Putting a business card reader in every hand might seem like a big expense, but just think of the money in payroll and supplies you will save and you will see that it is the right decision. claims that an everyday office employee will use 10,000 sheets of paper annually and through portable scanners, this will never happen. You will also find that business card scanners can make employees more productive on the road. With a laptop scanner, they will be able to simply scan in business card, brochures, and other documents when they travel to meetings or tradeshows. Since a portable scanner is small enough to be toted anywhere, they can use it wherever they go. This will help to keep everyone in your organization on the same page.

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