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Stormwater Filters for Cleaner Water

Catch basin insert

Stormwater filters clean pollution out of stormwater drainage as it is collected in a stormwater management system. A catch basin insert is one of the common stormwater filters. There are a few types of pollution, each of which needs to be removed to keep water and the waterways it drains into, healthy. Point source pollution is pollution that comes from a single, definite source, whereas nonpoint source pollution is pollution that comes from several indistinguishable sources and is gradually collected in water as it flows. Macroscopic pollution or “floatables” are visible pieces of pollution, like trash in water. Storm drainage and other runoff tends to collect pollution like this and bring it into water supply systems and waterways, making them less healthy.

Stormwater filters sift these forms of pollution from stormwater as it drains through a water collection system. They can be used in municipal water drainage and management systems, which can also include other water filtration and movement systems. Curb inlets, for instance, are there to remove hydrocarbons, trash, silt, and similar things from water as it enters a water collection system. A drop inlet spillway, an apparatus that lowers water, can help move water through the drainage system. These things all work together to manage stormwater drainage in a municipality and to keep the water healthy. For more information, read this website:

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