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The top benefits of high quality iPhone management

Ipads in the enterprise

Recent research has suggested that out of the nearly 313 million people in the United States, over 230 million of those over the age of 13 use some kind of mobile device. A number of those people may use their mobile device for work through some kind of BYOD (bring your own device) program. Companies that have such a program in place should be concerned about iPhone management. Without proper iPhone management, they may be at risk for many different kind of security breaches.

iPhone management and patch management software could be an incredible help to certain companies, especially if they have a BYOD policy. One recent report has shown that 50 percent of businesses that have BYOD models require their employees to cover all of their own technology costs. For the most part, employees are compliant with this. However, whether a company covers the costs or not, iPhone management and iPhone security is incredibly important.

A survey of well over 1,000 consumers by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners showed that one in five claimed that they will use the new iPad for some kind of business purpose. Mobile device management programs can be used to these and other devices. Once in place, iPhone management software reduces both support costs and security risks by controlling configuration and the data on employee devices.

Over the next five years, 1 billion new smartphones will enter the market, according to ABI Research. Whether companies currently have a BYOD policy in place, or they may be considering it in the future, putting a solid iPhone management plan into practice. A state of the art iPhone management program could help to secure information, maintain customer confidentiality and ward off hackers. The more secure a companies information, the better off everyone will be. To do otherwise could be incredibly risky, especially if the average employee will be carrying sensitive information on their devices. Learn more at this link:

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