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Jeans Continue to Stand the Test of Time

Premium jeans

During 1901, the U.S. Navy adopted the use of denim for sailors. Denim jeans underwent alterations to widen the bottom of the pant legs to give sailors the ability to roll up their jeans while washing ship decks. Sailor jeans were then referred as “bell bottoms,” which became a fashion statement during the 1970s. Today, people have all types of options to consider if they are looking for colored jeans online. You can find colored jeans online by visiting several retail store websites. You will need to know the size of pants you wear before buying any premium jeans online.

If you are a woman shopping for the best fitting jeans, you might be interested to know the average woman in America fits a size 12 pair of pants. Stores online that sell pants online will provide you a size chart to help you find the best womens designer jeans that fit like a glove. Dark wash jeans, curvy jeans, coated jeans and metallic jeans are all made from cotton. In fact, only one bale of cotton is enough to make 200 pairs of colored jeans. Even thought the retail marks up jeans by 54 percent, you can find affordable deals by comparing prices online.

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