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Make your next military move work for you

Pods moving

A military move could be made much easier, especially if people were to utilize a revolutionary product like moving pods. Moving companies are required to offer some kind of liability coverage for the goods and possessions that they transport. A pods moving company should be no different. Whether people are planning a military move or a post college move, they will want to make sure that they are working with the most professional group of movers around.

College graduates move longer distances and relocate more often than those individuals that only have a high school diploma. Meanwhile, a typical service member embarks on a military move an average of once every three years. Still, according to the Pew Research Center, a full 37 percent of Americans have never moved away from their hometown.

While planning a military move or a normal family move, people that are traveling a long distance should make sure to pack a suitcase filled with their own personal essentials, just like they would if they were going on a vacation. Valuables such as cash, collectibles, jewelry, photographs and important documents should be packed to travel with someone personally,and not by the movers. They could also be sent ahead of time via a trackable shipping service. Whether a military move or a normal move, the right pods storage company could help make things much easier on everyone.

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