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A Boy Scout Should Keep an Adventure Blog

As an Eagle Scout myself, I believe that each troop should have their own boy scouts blog. Writing and reflecting on your experiences helps to reinforce the moral value embedded with each challenge and trial that the boy scouts of america (BSA) overcome.

Sure, you learn handy crafts like knots, sailing, orienteering, first aid, and other skill sets, but its the ethos embedded in the scout law of the BSA of America that is really important. “A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.” Teaching boys the value of each of these traits is the whole point behind scouting.

I mean, I can still recite that to this day, because it was something I took very seriously, and something that all of my experiences in the BSA National program taught me.

Plus, a boy scouts blog can help inspire other youths to get involved more than posters bought in the boy scouts store. One of my favorite things to do on camp outs was to listen to the stories of all the older scouts. The way they recalled their adventures with such nostalgia always made me want to stick with scouting, even when I seemed to lose interest.

If a troop were to start a boy scouts blog, it could also serve as a record of events for each scout. I remember there were some mishaps with some of my files, which held up certain Is and Ts from being dotted and crossed when I applied to be an Eagle Scout.

All in all, I think that instituting a boy scouts blog in each troop is a great idea. Do readers agree, or disagree? Please share your comments and opinions on a boy scouts blog.

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  • The problem though is if they start posting things they shouldnt be. Like misusing an axe or something that might give boy scouts a bad name.

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