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Local Homes for Sale Trump Castles

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Since the beginning of human history, people have looked for dwellings that could protect them from the elements. As construction technologies became more advanced throughout human history, homes have changed forms several times until they reached the forms of modern local homes for sale.

During the prehistoric era, for example, many primitive human beings lived in stone huts and even caves which they found in the sides of mountains or inside deep canyons. These primitive homes protected their inhabitants from heavy rain storms and earthquakes. However, these primitive homes lacked many of the conveniences and modern amenities that have become associated with home ownership such as air conditioning and running water that modern home owners expect to find in local homes for sale.

Homes become considerably more advanced during the Middle Ages in Europe, although these homes are still a far cry from modern homes for sale. These homes during the Middle Ages in Europe were often constructed of heavy stones; they had heavy stone walls and stone parapets that could protect their inhabitants from the elements (such as heavy rain storms and earthquakes) and also invading armies of barbarians which sought to evict the castle owners from their dwellings or even to kill them dead with sharp spears.

Today, modern homes for sale, luxury real estate for sale, luxury real estates, luxury waterfront homes for sale, and ocean beach real estate are far less elaborate than the castles which their ancestors inhabited. These local homes for sale are far less likely to be made out of thick stones; these modern homes for sale rarely have stone walls or stone parapets. In fact, these local homes for sale are far more likely to emphasize comfort over protection; modern homeowners who are looking for homes for sale are more likely to want to invite their neighbors to visit them as opposed to wanting to keep them out of their local homes for sale. However, this should not imply that people who want to purchase local homes for sale are not concerned with protecting their local homes for sale; it just means that they believe that electronic security systems are a better investment than stone parapets.
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