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Love Camouflage? Check This Out

Camo pants

Despite its canonization as a military technology, modern camouflage actually has its roots in the cubist art movement of the early 1900s. It would go on to be popular enough to have a form of it used as the eponymous pattern at the “dazzle ball,” hosted by the Chelsea Arts Club in 1919. It wasn’t until a few years later, when the power of aerial observation had become so strong during World War II that camouflage became a necessity for the military.

Heavily inspired by the protective coloring of certain animals, camouflage now comes in many different types including disruptive coloration, countershading, and even color changing.

But camouflage has remained as a fashion statement after all these years and is possibly more stylish than ever. It is now possible to have camo purses, camo seat covers, camo bedding, even a camo wedding! Obviously camouflage must come in many color variants to appear in such diverse settings (especially within a camo wedding) and so we no longer even bat an eye at pink camouflage when we see it.

And if camouflage is your thing, its not hard to find it everywhere. I’ve even found some camo baby bedding to match the camouflage bedding on our bed! I think we all know how much kids like to hide under their camo bed sheets, it just makes the forts they create with it all the more legitimate when they’re done. Not to mention the black and white camo which makes its wearer look a bit like a cow!

In any case, I will definitely be buying a lot more camouflage in the near future and, regardless of what some people might think, I definitely won’t be a target for any air planes! Visit here for more information:

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