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Negotiating a Garnishment

How can i stop wage garnishment

Say I am going through some tough times. Money is tight, and I am struggling to pay my expenses. I end up not being able to pay some money to the IRS. All of a sudden, they have put a wage garnishment on me. A wage garnishment is where the government takes out of my paycheck before I ever even see it. How can I stop wage garnishment?

I am racking my brains on how to stop irs wage garnishment, and a friend of mine comes in. She asks me what is wrong because I seem preoccupied. I tell her my troubles, and she tells me about the potential of using a company that negotiates with the government to stop IRS garnishment.

Americans have been paying taxes since before they were Americans. Before the American government, people in the colonies were paying their taxes to Great Britain. In 1861, the first official federal income tax was established by the Revenue Act. As people have been struggling to deal with taxes and stop irs garnishment, many have turned to tax preparers for help. According to the Cato Institute, there are about 1.2 million of them in America today.

Someone hoping to stop IRS garnishment should be aware of the following laws. The Constitution does not allow the government to take the property of a taxpayer without going through due process. Also, an employer cannot fire employees to avoid a levy. Penalties for doing so include fines and imprisonment.

Paying taxes can be tough, but not paying taxes is worse. Finding ways to stop IRS garnishment is not something you want to be doing, but if it comes to it, the faster you can stop IRS garnishment, the better. Read more here:

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