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USS Arizona Tours

Uss missouri tour

The Pearl harbor tour is one of the most important tours to take if you ever go to Hawaii. Most people already know that Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan on December 7, 1941. This attack is what caused the United States to enter in to WWII. Hawaii has an undersea mountain range, called the Hawaiian Emperor sea mount chain, which was formed by volcanoes.

Another popular site to see if you are ever in Hawaii is to take the Dole Plantation tour. You will be thrilled with the hands on approach the staff takes in teaching visitors about the agricultural heritage in Hawaii. You will definitely find a tour to the Dole Plantation to be one of the most memorable times you can have in Hawaii. Just look up Hawaii tours Oahu online or Arizona tour or Uss arizona tours.

If you get to visit this area, you cannot help but hear all about how the pineapple is a symbol that sailors used when they returned home to New England that symbolized how they had been gone but now they are back home and ready to see visitors. One interesting side note is the fact that pineapples were grown by George Washington in a hot house in Mount Vernon. Find out more interesting facts by booking appointments for USS Arizona tours today.

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