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Fiber Glass Shower Base

Walk in bath prices

Building an environment conscious bathroom is a great way for you as an individual to help the planet and to create a pleasant and functional living space for yourself in the process. Fiber glass shower bases, walk in tubs, and water saving toilets are all ways that you can build a functional bathroom that takes the environment into account.

Walk in bathtubs are tubs with a side door that opens either inward or outward, but forms a watertight seal when closed. It is convenient for safety, especially if you have mobility issues. Walk in bathtubs are generally installed for people that have mobility issues, and so usually have other safety features like rails and seating. Compact walk in tubs take up less space than normal tubs, in addition to their safety features. A fiber glass shower base is a durable start to a new shower that will allow you to build the shower you want with the design features that make you happy. A fiber glass shower base allows you to have a space saving shower in addition to a bath tub that is just set up for baths, rather than a combination of the two. A fiber glass shower base can also be great if you are just building a small bathroom that will only have a shower.

A water conserving toilet is an important part of an environmentally friendly bathroom. They are so important that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has sponsored a design competition to create new eco friendly toilets. Around 2.5 billion people do not have access to proper sanitation, including a billion that only have open space and another billion that just use pits. Creating and popularizing new, low water use toilets can help to conserve important resources while making proper facilities more accessible. Installing an eco friendly toilet in your own home is one way you can contribute to proper water use and the expansion of good sanitation. Helpful info also found here.

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