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Social Security Disability Lawyers Available to Military Veterans in Orlando, Florida

Social security benefits orlando

The struggles and hardships that men and women in the military face while they are serving are well documented. For many military veterans, the effects from these hardships can often carry over into their daily lives well after they are no longer on active duty. Injuries sustained by military members during service can often lead to disabilities that last for an extended period of time, or even for the rest of their lives. Military trauma is also an unfortunate yet common result of time spent serving in active duty for any branch of the military, and often times, many veterans do not get proper treatment for it. In cases such as these, military veterans may be eligible to receive proper treatment with the assistance of Social Security benefits. In the city of Orlando, Florida, there are numerous Social Security lawyers, many of which specializing in providing services to military veterans experiencing extreme trauma or suffering from disabilities.

The state of Florida is home to many residents that receive Social Security benefits. In 2010, residents of the state received a total of 49.2 billion dollars in Social security benefits. Many of the Florida residents receiving these benefits are senior citizens, with one in three residents over the age of 65 having Social Security benefits as their only source of income. These numbers may only increase over time with the calculated expectation that the American demographic of Americans aged 85 and older is going to triple from 5.7 million in 2010 to over 19 million in 2050.

Though so many Florida residents with disabilities apply for Social Security benefits online or using other methods, roughly only 35 percent end up getting approved for SSD and SSI benefits. Eligibility for disability insurance benefits requires that the potential recipient proves that they have a medical condition that will prevent them from working for at least a year. Many veterans meet this requirement but still encounter difficulty receiving proper benefits. To ensure that they receive the benefits that they are entitled to, military veterans with disabilities or trauma can hire Social security lawyers that specialize in these claims such as the many Orlando veteran lawyers. The Social Security lawyers in Orlando, Florida can provide legal help for veterans and assist them in receiving the benefits they are seeking.

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