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The Camera Will Capture the Memory

Rent a photo booth

Renting photo booths can be a good idea for everything from a corporate party to a wedding. The thing about photo booth rentals is that they lead to a communal activity. The photo booth rental for weddings will have an extremely large or prominent presence at the wedding and it will help send a message that this day is not just about the present but it is about the future, in relation to which this day will be the past.

Photos are the storehouses of our memories. James Clerk Maxwell, the British physicist, took the first color photograph in 1861 and people have been addicted to photography ever since that time. In fact, photography means enough to some collectors that one of them was willing to pay 2.5 million USD for a rare Leica in Vienna around 1923.

In 1892, the first modern 35 mm camera appeared and 32 years late, Broadway became the first street to introduce a modern photo booth. Photo booths might seem a bit anachronistic today. People seem to want mobile cameras instead. They want cameras that can be used in the present and immediate tense.

In fact, photographs, from the Greek words meaning to paint with light, have become some common in the age of the mobile phone camera that in two minutes more photographs are taken around the world than were taken during the entire 19th century. People are taking photographs all over the world and there are around 1 billion mobile devices in the world.

It is likely that there will be another billion mobile devices in the next five years. The world is changing quickly and it requires adaptation. Some of the cameras that were exclusively cameras might disappear from the marketplace, but for the moment photobooths have found a niche. People still like taking pictures as a team and renting photo booths is their way of expressing themselves.

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  • I like photo booths but I can only hope that they will survive. They might die out with the next generation because I don’t see much incentive to build more or better photo booths.

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