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The Top Reasons to Seek out a Certified Mechanic

Trasmission repair puyallup

Did you know that U.S. auto repair companies bring in $80 billion in revenue each year? The fact is that Americans continue to love cars. According to Hedges and Company, there were 14.4 million vehicles sold in 2012 alone.

According to Global Economic Intersection, 86.1% of Americans commute to work using their car. All that wear and tear leads to a need for quality auto repair. Here are four of the most common repairs and why you should seek out a certified mechanic for your service.

The Importance of Certification

Did you know American mechanics have to seek out certification to legally work? It is not an easy process. One-third of mechanics fail the test their first time. The process to certification continues to be more difficult as cars evolve into more electrical beasts. Mechanics now need not only an extensive knowledge of more traditional auto systems but electrical ones as well. Many of the best mechanics are American Service Excellence certified. If you seek out a mechanic with this accolade, you can be assured they have taken and passed 40 different exams demonstrating their ability to handle the most common and uncommon repairs.

  • Brake Repair
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    According to, brake repair is the number one most common repair sought out by car owners because they are one of the most frequently used systems in the entire vehicle. Unlike when you seek a/c repair for your comfort, breaks are crucial to you surviving each time you get in a car.

  • Engine Repair
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    A variety of engine issues number as the most expensive and the most common services certified mechanics handle. According to Yahoo! Autos, one of the most frequent causes of engine repair is the catalytic converter. Catalytic converters are responsible for maintaining and regulating your vehicle’s exhaust system. O’Reilly Auto Parts writes that while a failed catalytic converter will not keep you from driving, it will keep you from passing your inspection.

  • Transmission Repair
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    The transmission in your car is crucial in getting you around because it regulates the “transmission” of energy from your engine to the drive train of your car. More simply,it makes your car go. Cars Direct points out that one of the most common transmission problems is caused by low fluid levels. If there is a leak in your transmission line, you will likely notice an immediate change in the ability of your car to accelerate and change gear.

  • Preventative Automotive Maintenance
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    Aol Autos points out that most common automotive problems stem from a lack of maintenance and attention to keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. Whether it is engine repair or ac repair, taking your car to a certified mechanic can help you to avoid the issue all together. Consider that 70% of the repairs auto shops perform are on cars that are beyond their warranty limits, and you can see how important preventing issues is to your pocket book.

Whether you are in need of transmission, brake, or engine repair, seeking out a certified mechanic is a surefire way to be sure of the quality of your service. If you have been lucky enough to avoid any issuesuntil now, seek someone out to keep your car in the best possible shape. Do not wait any longer. More info like this.

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