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X Ray Accessories

Pacs system vendors

X ray accessories, from lead glasses to Pacs monitors, are essential to proper modern medical diagnosis and safety. Radiography began in 1895 with the discovery of X rays by Wilhelm Roentgen, for whom they were originally named. Because of this, X rays were at first known as “roentgenograms”. Since then, the discipline has evolved into a large and complex array of different imaging techniques and technologies, including fluoroscopy, MRIs, ultrasound, mammography, and others.

No technology is particularly useful if it generates low quality images or the images are displayed on low quality screens that make them difficult to read and to deduce a diagnosis from. PACS system vendors can provide technologically sophisticated PACS workstations that simplify the process and produce quality data for diagnosticians to work with. PACS systems turn X ray, MRI, and other imaging data into digital files, eliminating physical X ray sheets, and allowing for quick transmission and assessment. PACS workstations work with most imaging technologies, including PET, MRI, X ray, ultrasound, CT, and other scanning and imaging technologies. Every Pacs workstation also needs to be equipped with good monitors, as well. Without them, a high quality image created by cutting edge technology is not particularly useful on a low resolution monitor that will not allow a diagnosing physician to see important details.

In addition to the imaging technology, a safe and well equipped facility will also need X ray accessories. X ray accessories and radiation protection products like lead glasses and lead aprons will help to keep workers that are regularly exposed to X rays and other forms of radiation safe from their effects. X ray accessories are essential to these peoples’ long term healths and the proper functioning of the imaging facility. A health care facility should not cause health problems.

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