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Three Great Ways to Market Your Dental Practice!

New dental patients

If you want your practice to survive, you are going to have to participate in dental marketing campaigns online. Just look at the facts. More than half of business (57 percent) have acquired a customer through their company blog. This is probably because 58 percent of people have researched a service or product online, according to Pew Internet. Over 42 percent of people that use online search engines click on the top ranked link, while a larger 75 percent of people will choose organic results over the paid listings.

What this all boils down to is the fact that the information you put on the website of your practice can distinguish you from competitors. However, in order to get people to the information, you need to launch dental marketing campaigns first. So, here are three dental marketing ideas!

1. Create a referral base or referral awards program!

Despite the positive efficacy of online dental marketing, the best means of advertising has and always will be word of mouth. However, your online dental marketing campaign can compliment this by offering a referral rewards program. Perhaps if a person refers their friend, and said friend comes in, they each get their next cleaning for half off or something along those lines. A referral reward system makes people want to tell others about your practice. It gives them an incentive to (other than your great service, of course).

2. Diversify your services!

You can either start offering your customers new services, or you can make the services that you already offer more clearly articulated. The key is not to oversell, or inundate your customers with information. However, you want to make them feel like they have a choice, and do not have to come to your business for just one service. People love choices, after all.

3. Offer attractive photos of your facility.

Offering images with the content of your website helps viewers to establish an emotional connection with the text, because they can literally see what you are talking about. Also, if you think that the photos of your waiting room or facilities make them look drab or boring, then it might be a good idea to redecorate your office, and take new pictures.

There you have it folks. Hopefully those dental marketing ideas were helpful, or perhaps even sparked a few of your own dental marketing ideas. What else did you guys think of? What are other ways to get new dental patients? Do you think that a dental web marketing system would be very very effective or not? Leave your new ideas about dental websites in the comments! Continue reading here:

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  • I think its a good idea to also redo your waiting room and offer people better choices than just stale magazines for when they are waiting.

  • I think its a good idea to also redo your waiting room and offer people better choices than just stale magazines for when they are waiting.

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