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A Brief History of Furniture Design and Its Influence on the Furniture of Today

Living room furniture

Furniture, a form of movable decorative art, has been a staple in homes dating back thousands of years. Unique stone furniture from the dates of 3100-2500 BC has been excavated in the Neolithic Village located in Orkney, known as Skara Brae. The people of Skara Brae built furniture with stone most likely because due to the shortage of wood in the Orkney location. Today, while stone furniture is pretty uncommon, other historic designs and materials dating back hundreds to thousands of years are featured in the modern furniture design of today.

Wooden chairs, a popular addition to dining room furniture and living room furniture, have been found throughout the world. Chairs found in the Mediterranean date back as early as 2 BC. Wooden furniture sets are still very popular today, and some of the most beautiful and intricate designs stem from the era of the Middle Ages. The furniture from the Middle Ages typically featured heavy wood, such as oak, and were ornamented with carved designs. These carved designs in wooden furniture are still prevalent today, especially in bedroom furniture sets, dining room tables and living room furniture, such as coffee tables.

The history of art within bedroom furniture dates back as early the ancient Egyptian era. The ancient Egyptians featured high bedsteads which were easily accessible with using ascending steps. These bedsteads were often decorated with bolsters, pillows, and curtains surrounding them, features that many beds still showcase today.

Leather is also a popular feature with modern furniture that has a historic influence. Leather furniture is highly desired because of its beautiful appearance, durability and ability to soften and become even more comfortable with time. Wall paintings and artifacts found in ancient Egyptian tombs, show that leather material was used for sandals, clothes, gloves, military equipment, burying the dead and many other uses. The Romans also made great use of leather for footwear, clothing, and military equipment including shields, saddles and harnesses.

It is rather interesting to see furniture designs still featured today dating back so early into time. From the earliest days of industrial america, to the ancient times of Egypt, many furniture designs have lasted thousands of years and still prove to be popular today. Next time you are looking at furniture, see if you can find these historic features in some of the furniture on display. More:

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