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Interested in Living in a Log Home?

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To many people, log cabins and log cabin furniture make them think of the woods. These things make people think about a simpler style of living; one more in tune with mother nature. Of course, that imagery is not inaccurate.

However, many Americans would be surprised to learn that log homes and rustic furniture rose to popularity during the Great Depression. In fact, any period when the country was experiencing hard times can be associated with rustic decor like rustic cabin bedding, cedar log beds, and the like. After all, wood is easy and relatively affordable to get a hold of.

We have just started climbing our way out of another financial downturn. The Great Recession may be over, but our love for log cabin furnishings seems only to have increased. If you want to capture the rustic, natural look of furniture made out of rustic wood cuts, here are three ways you can do so.

  • Make Your Own Log Furniture
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    Many pieces of real log furniture can be made at home. Admittedly, creating your own furniture takes a good bit of skill and time. Patience is key to successfully recreating real log furniture for your home. However, your chances of creating something that looks and feels the way you want it to can be improved by using readily available building plans. In fact, people who want to build things as varied in size as their own log cabin or simply a piece of hickory log furniture can find design plans to talk them through the process.

  • Turn to Professional Manufacturers
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    Whether you are not the do-it-yourself type or you simply lack the time, turning to producers of rustic cabin bedding, rustic barn wood furniture, and the like is a great way to get the aesthetic you want in a short period of time. Many modern-era manufacturers of log furniture also create architectural details like bridges, porches, banisters, and chandeliers done in an antique or rustic style. If you want rustic cabin bedding, for example, try turning to a company specializing in “period” pieces.

  • Create a Full House Motif
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    The last trick to keep in mind when creating an amazing, rustic motif for your house is to make sure everything works together. Consider the oldest known log house to still be used for residence in the U.S. sitting at 184, 38th Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The owners make an effort to keep interior design consistent. Using rustic cabin bedding in their bedrooms while using rustic bathroom furniture, for example, allows them to paint a complete, beautiful picture of a home.

If you want to capture the essence of classic Depression-era log homes, then keep these three tips in mind. If you have the skills, the time, and the patience, by all means try building what you need for yourself. However, if you lack time and know-how, there are reputable suppliers of rustic furniture just waiting for your call.

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