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Live Bee Removal is Not Something to Do Yourself

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No one wants to worry about swarms of bees attacking their family members, especially the Megachile pluto. This is a leafcutter bee and is considered to be the largest bee in the world, where the females can reach a length of 39 millimeters or 1.5 inches. If you see lots of bees around your home, you may want to consider live been removal.

But just what do you know about bees in general? The best known bee is the European honey bee. It does produce honey as its name suggests. The management of bees is called apiculture or beekeeping.

The queen bees will regulate the activity of the hive by producing chemicals that direct the behavior of the bees in the hive. Should the queen die, worker bees will create a new queen by feeding one of the other female workers a food called “royal jelly.” This food enables the chosen bee to develop into a fertile queen.

Many people are highly allergic to bee stings, and are probably likely candidates for live bee removal in the homes. There are steps we can take to reduce the chances of bee stings. While you are outside try not to wear floral scented perfumes or colognes as this will attract bees.

Live bee removal is not a do it yourself project. There are many dangers of stirring up a hive of bees during live bee removal or carpenter bee removal. Carpenter bees are particularly difficult becomes they often leave big holes in decks and porches where they create their hives. There are professional companies who employ technicians who are experienced in live bee removal such as bumble bee removal. These people are also trained on beehive removal as part of the live bee removal process.

As part of the live bee removal process, a professional live bee removal services company will often offer advice and services to ensure that the bees and other pests do not return to cause additional problem. For instance, to keep carpenter bees away, the technician may tell you that you should treat those wood portions of your home with paint or sealant because it acts as a repellant to these bees.
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