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Civil Litigation Can Be Complicated Let a Lawyer Handle It For You

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Civil lawsuits are one of the most common filings an American court sees. In fact, American spend more money on these lawsuits than any other industrialized country in the world, according to a study conducted by the Economic Journal. So, what is a lawsuit? A lawsuit is essentially a complaint that one party files to the court. The filer, or plaintiff, is typically seeking damage relief and a fair ruling against a defendant, or a group of defendants who he or she feels has broken the law. Plaintiffs give factual and legal reasons for filing the complaint in hopes that the judge will rule in their favor. Once the civil lawsuit begins, the plaintiff enters into litigation, which takes the case through several different steps that include pleading, discovery, trial, and an appeal, if necessary.

Since civil litigation involves legalities that the average person may not understand, many plaintiffs hire an attorney. The attorney then serves as the litigator. The litigants, the plaintiff and the defendant, then work with the attorney to compile their case, and present it to a judge. In most civil lawsuits, the judge grants his decision after listening to each side’s argument, and considering each party’s interpretation of the law. Judges are generally concerned with making sure that public policy and state law remain in tact in the case of civil lawsuits.

In cases that involve real estate litigation, state laws are not the only ones that need to be considered. There are federal statutes and common laws that govern real estate transactions, and a real estate attorney would be the best person to contact about how to proceed in this type of lawsuit. What do real estate attorneys do? They are trained professionals who understand the ins and outs of legal issues that surround real estate law, such as developing, constructing, financing, leasing, and selling residential and commercial property. This means that these lawyers can also act as commercial real estate attorneys, and handle cases that involve commercial real estate litigation. In addition, a commercial attorney is trained in business law issues and can also be used as a business law lawyer as well.

If you are considering filing any one of the above lawsuits, be sure to consult an attorney first. With so much legal jargon regulating the law, it would be best have an expert handle your case. A small mistake in real estate litigation, or a civil lawsuit,t could get your lawsuit rejected, and thrown out of the court. The other advantage with a lawyer is that you do not necessarily even have to be big part of the litigation process; they will take care of all the proceedings for you. Once you find the right lawyer, you have a greater chance of winning your case. See more.

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