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If You Drive a Car, You Need to Know About Engine Oil

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Whether you are a car expert or unfamiliar with the inner workings of your vehicle, it is absolutely important that you know about engine oil, and in particular which is the recommended motor oil for your specific automobile.

While about half of European engine oil is refined, only as much as 15% of it in America has that distinction. In order to find the best motor oil for your car, the Society of Automotive Engineers have organized different motor oils according to their distinct viscosity ratings, and then converted this into a grading system. Types of motor oil include 5W-50 and 5W-30.

As for the distribution and use of motor oil, it was initially stored in metal cans or glass bottles in the 1980’s before the plastic bottles with which we are all familiar came into use. After the oil has been used it must be disposed of properly and recycled. Otherwise, it may result in the deaths of frogs, fish, plants, and other living things because oil scum that accumulates on the surface of the water prevents oxygen and sunlight from getting into the water. The Environmental Protection Agency reports that when just two gallons of used engine oil is recycled, it can power the electricity of a typical house for an entire day.

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