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Three Helpful Ways to Market Your Website Online

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Did you know that 93% of online experiences begin with a visit to a search engine? In addition, more than half of the money spent in the retail sector in the United States will be influenced by web presence and online marketing by 2016. As a result, websites must do all they can to market online. SEO, or search engine optimization, is an effective way to market online, as it improves the overall quality and content visibility of websites. This means that there are several SEO strategies you must use in order to effectively market your website online.

1. Social media marketing. It is essential to market your website on social media sites. This is because 90% of adults who are online use social media extensively, and 18% of consumers use social media to research products and services. As a result, you must maintain a significant presence on social media sites in order to attract more users.

2. Content creation. This SEO technique is one of the most popular internet marketing strategies, as it is used by 75% of all marketers. This strategy involves creating keyword-rich articles and blogs that are used to rank your website higher as an organic link. This is important because 75% of users never look past the first page of search results, and 80% of users only click on organic links.

3. Mobile web design. Not only should your website work flawlessly on desktop computers, but it must also be compatible with all mobile devices, as well. This is because 65% of mobile users use their devices to find local businesses and make purchases, and mobile internet usage is expected to surpass desktop internet usage by 2014. As a result, your website must work well on mobile devices in order to attract users from all platforms.

Since eCommerce sales exceeded $200 billion in 2011, your website must maintain a significant presence online. This can be achieved by implementing several internet marketing strategies, including content creation, mobile web design, and social media marketing. By doing so, your website will receive more web traffic, and this will lead to a potential increase in sales. Helpful info also found here.

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