Construction Teams Work With Developers To Protect Iconic Macomb Mall Sign

Modern shopping mall interior

Roseville’s Macomb Mall has recently entered the next stage of its multi-million dollar renovation project, with construction crews continuing their work on both the interior and exterior of the mall, while expanding construction to begin renovations on the mall’s main sign, which CBS Detroit reporter Edward Cardenas calls “iconic” and “space-age.”

The 50-year-old mall, which spans approximately 930,000 square feet, was a bubbling center of activity in the Detroit suburb when it was built during the 1960s; the huge $8 million project is meant to bring life back into the shopping center, and the fact that renovations seem to be following the initial project timeline is giving hope to developers and city officials. If everything continues as planned, the entire mall renovation will be completed mid-2015, and developers have already secured spots for high-profile stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and L.A. Fitness.

Although The Detroit News originally stated that the mall’s famous sign, reportedly nicknamed “The Iconic,” would not be part of the renovations, CBS Detroit published an article just days afterward saying that minor changes would be made to the beloved landmark; it appears that the developers are well aware of the community’s attachment to the Macomb Mall sign, and they are “respectfully” updating the sign’s store plates.

A representative for Lormax Stern, the new company that owns the mall, has stated that concern about the sign appears to have taken center stage in community discussions regarding the renovations. While some view the sign as “old and tired,” hindering the development of a modern mall, others believe that the sign is “iconic and important.”

It isn’t uncommon for communities to struggle to find a balance between modern and traditional designs for large projects, but luckily, it appears that the developers have been able to find a middle ground for this particular project. Many construction products have been developed in recent years in response to this struggle, and something like a UV-protective coating on the Macomb Mall sign will be able to provide maximum weather protection without altering the aesthetic qualities of the sign.

Hopefully, the developers’ success with the town’s beloved sign will be indicative of the new mall’s entire success — it certainly seems like the community of Roseville is more than ready for a renewed interest in its retail industry.

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