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Tiger Hides Out in Abandoned Detroit Factory After Photo Shoot Gone Wrong

tigerfactoryToday, we take as many photos every two minutes as the population did in all of the 1800s. But that doesn’t mean that all shots or attempted shots are advisable.

A tiger was briefly on the loose in an abandoned Detroit factory Aug. 17 after being brought there for a photo shoot.

British photographer David Yarrow had obtained a permit to shoot at the old Packard Plant, but had not mentioned that he’d be bringing along a tiger, two wolves, and a bobcat.

“The shoot was authorized. The animals were not authorized,” Kari Smith, director of development at the Packard Plant, told The Detroit News. “They had two days, waivers and fees paid for a basic photo shoot. Nothing else. There was no mention of any animals on site.”

Things got complicated when the tiger reportedly escaped and hid out in a stairwell.

Detroit resident Andy Didorosi came to help when a friend called to ask if he had a leafblower that might help scare the animal out of the staircase. The following attempt was captured on video and uploaded to Facebook by Didorosi.

“When your friend calls and says he needs help getting a tiger out of a staircase, you listen,” the caption reads.

Didorosi didn’t have the requested leafblower, but he tried to scare the tiger into moving with a noisy electric weedwhacker and a blue tarp (neither of which worked).

“This feels like the dumbest thing we’ve ever done,” one of the men on the video astutely observes.

The big cat’s trainer eventually was able to get him back in his trailer. The wolves and bobcat apparently never left their cages before the shoot was stopped by private security and police.

According to Smith, the animals were supplied by Animals of Montana, a “full-service wildlife casting agency,” according to its website. The animals were not hurt, but the photo shoot has been canceled.

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