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From Food Network Halloween Challenges to New York Times, Detroit Chefs are Making Headlines

Smiling chef in his kitchenScott Breazeale, 45, of Detroit’s very own will be featured on Food Network’s Halloween special, titled “Halloween Baking Championship.” Breazeale is the executive sous chef for the Detroit Lions’ food and beverage partner, Levy Restaurants.

For the show, Scott and seven other bakers from around the country go head-to-head, creating spooky treats and chilling baked goods in hopes of winning the show’s $25,000 prize.

For the show, Breazeale and fellow contestants had to decorate creepy Halloween cupcakes using candy picked out from a cauldron. Since June is the most popular month for ice cream, it’s likely the cauldron didn’t feature any of the cold, sweet stuff.

According to an interview in the Detroit Free Press, Breazeale lucked out and got peanut butter cups. His final creation was a cupcake graveyard of sorts, covered with gummy worms, peanut butter cup buttercream, candy bones and cookie dirt.

According to Patch, Breazeale’s and the other contestants’ cupcakes were included in Food Network Magazine’s October issue.

The special will air for an hour each Monday of October. On the final Monday of the month, the winner will be announced.

And Breazeale’s got the chops to go all the way. With classical pastry training and his grandmother’s classic home cooking touch, Breazeale isn’t afraid to think a outside the box. According to his Food Network bio, he has experience in molecular gastronomy, among other culinary feats.

Considering the recent attention Detroit has garnered because of a recent New York Times piece, Breazeale’s Food Network debut is certainly timely. The article focused on Max and Eli Sussman, two Detroit brothers and renowned chefs who have been securing their places in the hottest New York City restaurants and on the shelves of bookstores across the country.

In the article, the Sussman brothers took article author Jeff Gordinier around Detroit, showing him the best places to chow down in the city.

Perhaps Detroit will finally gain the recognition it deserves for its culinary delights.

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