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Which Wedding Trend is Out, The New Detroit Wedding Trend to Watch Out For

Beautiful wedding coupleDestination weddings are fun for everyone involved. Not only does it give guests an excuse to get away and let loose, but it makes the married couple’s special day all the more magical. And in recent years, destination weddings have become increasingly popular; in 2013, they accounted for one in four — a sharp increase from one in five in 2009.

But when it comes to destination weddings, some trends have been played out these past few years. Here are two wedding trends that have been popular as of late — one that needs to go, and one that’s here to stay.

Barnyard Weddings are OUT
If you have attended a destination wedding in the past year or so, there’s no doubt you that have been to a barn wedding. You know the type: mason jar cocktail glasses, quirky striped paper straws, and tablecloths that look like burlap sacks because — well, because they literally are burlap sacks.

Also known as the Pinterest Wedding, this inexpensive, DIY destination wedding trend has taken the online wedding tip world by storm.

Of course, there is indeed something whimsical about this rampant wedding trend, but at this point, the haystack used as our dining table seat is making us itch. The barnyard wedding has seen its hayday, and it might be time to send it out to pasture.

Historical Detroit Weddings are IN
While barnyard weddings are tired, there’s one up and coming wedding trend that still conveys a sense of vintage whimsy. Historical destination weddings are becoming an increasingly popular way to tie the knot in an unconventional setting.

Many couples are getting hitched in unique and historical settings that evoke intrigue of the past.

Take Jackie Wing and Mark Prindiville, for example. The native Detroit couple shares a love for history — particularly Detroit’s history.

Because of this, the two chose to tie the knot at the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant, where Henry Ford first manufactured the Model T. The location was unique and vintage, and provided ample interest for the history nerds and their guests.

And they aren’t the only ones taking advantage of Detroit’s long-standing history. From Detroit’s historic churches to the Belle Isle Casino, couples are basking in Detroit’s past while they exchange vows.

This celebration of Detroit’s roots also signifies a newfound relationship with a city that has been through a great deal.

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