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Detroit’s Home Grown Fashion Designers Are Booming This Winter

Portrait of wonderful young blonde womanDetroit might not seem like an obvious location to launch a clothing like, at least compared to cities like Los Angeles or Milan, but a number of up and coming Detroit designers are exploding in popularity this year. This new class of designers are as diverse as the city they represent, and many are designing clothes with a uniquely Detroit attitude.

Designers like entrepreneur Tommey Walker Jr., who just secured a license from Chevrolet to prroduce a new clothing line called “Camaro vs. Everybody,” based on his locally popular “Detroit vs. Everybody” collection.

“Detroit vs. Everybody started as a way to express pride in my hometown,” Walker said. “Camaro vs. Everybody serves the same purpose for Camaro fans, who know their favorite sports car is second to none.”

Walker is selling a men’s T-shirt for $34.99, and hoodies, sweatshirts, long- sleeved T-shirts, and women’s clothing are available on his website.

Also this December, Detroit designer Terrence Jones launched his first-ever men’s winter collection, called First Class Committee. Jones is also designing mostly hoodies and T-shirts, but he handcrafts each item by hand. T-shirts were invented in the U.S. almost a century ago, but have evolved into a $2 billion market. In surveys, fully 90% of Americans say they own at least one shirt they keep for sentimental reasons.

“The main reason why I created this clothing line is so the middle-class could be able to express their sense of fashion just like the way the first class could, hence the name of the company,” Jones told the Chronicle Online. “Not only do I want people to be able to express themselves by wearing my clothes, I want them to be able to have the utmost confidence and live the first class lifestyle when they wear my clothes.”

In November, the start up Ash and Anvil launched in Detroit, specializing in selling clothes for short men. And even Detroit transplants are finding success. Detroit native Chisa Iwuagwu has made a name for herself in Los Angeles after starting one of the first popular ugly sweater websites, known as Shop Ugly Sweaters.

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