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Birmingham Restaurant Introduces $55 Behemoth Cheeseburger

There’s nothing quite as American as a burger. Americans scarf down burgers an average of 4.3 times a month, which breaks down to about one per week.

And one of the perks of the beloved burger, besides its melt-in-your mouth taste, is its affordability, costing between $5 and $20 on average.

But what about a $55 burger? Is it worth the big bucks?

According to Detroit critics, Townsend Hotel’s Rugby Grille $55 cheeseburger is worth every penny.

“The $55 hamburger is pretty much an opulent hamburger,” said Chef David Yopek, who is also known as the creator of the Rugby Grille Foie Burger. “We know hamburgers aren’t supposed to cost that much, but we wanted to offer something unique with great flavor. It’s gratifying and satisfying and a good conversation piece.”

And indeed, this burger says a mouthful. Sold only at dinnertime, the burger is made with Wagyu beef, and comes with a sweet onion ham, seared foie gras, braised short rib, parmesan aioli, burgundy truffles, and Thomasville tomme cheese. To make things even more decadent, the cheeseburger is served with a side of burgundy truffle fries.


According to Chef Yopek, the eight-ounce behemoth of a burger has been on the menu for three weeks and has been a hit ever since it hit the menu. The first one to taste the burger was Grace D, a well-known food blogger in the area.

“First time dining here and it was delicious,” she blogged about the Rugby Grille on Yelp. “Sat up at the bar and had a nice glass of wine with the new Foie Burger. This burger is outstanding!”

While it may seem like Yopek’s burger is a heavy contender, he promises that it’s not too heavy. In fact, he thinks it might be the best burger in Michigan.

“It’s possibly the most expensive burger in Michigan — and the tastiest,” he said.

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