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From Decriminalization Talks to a Major Drug Bust: Detroit’s Drug Issues

Drug issues in Detroit have recently ranged from open discussions about the decriminalization of marijuana to a citywide major drug bust.

On Tuesday, a hearing at Hamtramck City Council took place regarding a proposed anti-marijuana law.

The majority of the hearing was spent by allowing residents a three-minute time limit to speak publicly on the matter. Not everyone was focused on the topic at hand, as the first man who begin to comment specifically talked about the towing of his ice cream truck.

Many of the following speakers opposed the anti-pot law. According to the Detroit Metro Times, since 1972, 20 Michigan cities have voted for a reduction in marijuana-related penalties.

Other states have already implemented their own new policies on marijuana. In October of last year, California passed Prop 47 which reduces drug possession charges, as well as non-violent thefts, from felonies to misdemeanors.

Just a few days before these decriminalization discussions, however, there was a massive “rush hour” drug bust by the Detroit Police Department.

The Detroit Police Department dubbed the bust “Operation Restore Order: Rush Hour.” They initiated operation “Rush Hour” in an attempt to reduce crime and the drug problems in Detroit, largely due to a rise in robberies and shootings across the area.

CBS Detroit reports that the citywide crackdown resulted in a total of 31 arrests, 19 of which were felony arrests, and 12 misdemeanors.

Along with the arrest number, “Rush Hour” resulted in a total of 478 moving violations, 52 impounded vehicles, and the inspection of 50 gas stations.

The drug bust resulted in major confiscations as well. About 40 grams of cocaine, nearly 20 grams of heroin, and eight guns were seized during the operation.

The Detroit Police Department added, “We are committed to reducing crime within the communities and improving the quality of life among Detroit Residents.”

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