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‘Repeal and Replace’ Becomes Riskier With so Many Already Covered

Young woman physician with stethoscope prescribing treatmentApproximately 31 million Americans experience lower back pain at any given time. Luckily, any medical procedure associated with chronic back pain is typically covered under Obamacare. However, despite the growing number of insured individuals, approximately two-thirds of Republicans are calling for the complete removal of the plan.

As members of the Republican party prepare to name Donald Trump their presidential nominee, it has become increasingly apparent that his plan for health care is anything but solid.

In fact, a nonpartisan analysis recently found it would make approximately 18 million people uninsured.

While the objective of repealing President Obama’s health care plan has served as a uniting force among republicans, removing it could have damaging consequences to the American people.

Disliked as it may be, the legislation means that many people don’t have to worry about being denied coverage due to medical issues or fear policies that max out while a patient undergoes an invasive treatment like chemotherapy. Millions who before couldn’t imagine the ability to afford health insurance are now receiving financial help.

Among those who received help from Obamacare is Kristy Malter, a 21-year-old Michigan day camp worker, who succumbed to bacterial meningitis this past weekend.

“We are greatly saddened to learn of the passing of Kristy,” said Life Time Fitness spokesperson Amy Williams in a statement released Saturday. “Her presence and spirit will be deeply missed at Life Time, and our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to her family, as well as to the many friends and colleagues grieving from this incredible loss.”

Health officials have contacted all potentially exposed individuals at the camp and advised them to seek out a doctor and receive preventative antibiotics. There have been no other reported cases since Malter.

Malter was hospitalized earlier in the week Tuesday and quickly ended up on life support. Without coverage under a health care plan, her family wouldn’t have been able to cover the expenses.

Tearing down the social safety net in the name of rolling back government power would be a political, and potentially self-defeating, dilemma for Republicans.

People covered under the health care law are ill at ease with the political uncertainty swimming around them. Millions who were previously uninsured now have coverage, which puts the nation’s uninsured rate at about nine percent, a historic low.

“I don’t think they can credibly do ‘repeal’ until they have a solid legislative proposal to replace it,” said Lanhee Chen, policy director for the 2012 Mitt Romney presidential campaign. “Politically, you can’t really do ‘repeal’ without the ‘replace’ coming in right behind it.”

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